Frequently asked questions

General questions

Will the basic version be free forever?


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. You can cancel the service at any time without additional costs.

Is my data protected?

Yes. What you store in astroCloud is treated as private. The communication between your browser and our data center is encrypted. Your password is also stored encrypted.

Is my data portable?

Yes. You can always export your data in the common AAF format. In astroCloud there is no data lock.

How do I make a backup?

To protect your data from loss or theft, we keep it in a secure data center and backups. In addition, you can save your data locally with an export and can import it in another program.

Astrological questions

Can I drag and drop a planet to find a point in time?

Yes. But only if a horoscope is calculated for a changing point in time. This is possible with progressions, transits and directions, however not with a pure natal chart or a synastry.

How can I calculate the prenatal full moon?

Choose the horoscope type "Transit". Drag the birth moon opposite the transit sun. Choose the search in the past.

When does a planet change direction?

Drag the planet onto itself. Choose the change of direction "retrograde" or "direct".

When is the return of a planet?

Drag the planet onto itself. Choose the "return" of the planet.

Can I direct the ascendant or MC to correct the birth time so that they land at a certain degree?

Choose the horoscope type "Transit". Drag the Natal Ascendant or Natal MC to the appropriate degree. Choose your desired search direction past / future. Once you have found the right time, save the Transit Horoscope as a natal chart.

How can I calculate personars?

The personar of a planet is the transit, in which the sun is in conjunction with the planet for the first time after birth. Choose the horoscope type "Transit". Drag the birth sun to the birth planet and choose the "conjunction".
The personar is also available for a transit date. To do this, drag the transit sun into conjunction with the birth planet.

What does the "level of consciousness" mean in astroCloud?

Usual astrology not explicitly distinguishes the level of consciousness, Spiritual astrology already - with different levels: "Establishing personality", "Full developed personality", "Group counsciousness".