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Suitable for beginners, professionals and spiritual astrologers. Natal charts, transits, progressions and directions are supported as well as the Seven Rays or Esoteric Triangles.

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New: Birth Time Rectification

Correct inaccurate or vague birth times with an accurate yet esoteric procedure. No lengthy analysis or back-calculation based on previous events necessary.

Easy search of the right moment

Just drag one planet and drop it onto another planet to find a conjunction in the future or past. This works with all prognosis horoscopes, e.g. transits, progressions and directions.

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Your data on all your devices

Regardless of which device you save your data on, it is available on all your devices. You can immediately continue what you were working on on another device.
astroCloud is working on all modern browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE 10/11 and supports Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and iOS.

Always up to date

No annoying updates as is usual with astrology software programs. You always work automatically with the latest version of astroCloud and benefit from all innovations.

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